Video Submission Policy

Submitting Your Video for Placement on
Please make sure to read this contract / policy carefully before you submit your Video. will be running on our website within 72 hours of submission with payment of a $100.00.

And by pressing submit button on the form, you have agreed that you are this (Videos Copyright Owner) and that you have administrative privileges, and give ZonefyRadio the right to post the video on our website. Videos will be reviewed before it’s posted on our website. We will email you details of the decision when it is rendered. All videos will be posted within 72 hours after submission.

Submission of Video requirements: Video must be submitted only in mp4 format (Required)*
Max file size: Must not exceed 20MB

Any video submitted without fee will not be posted, however it will be placed on queue until payment is received.

This Policy will be revisited and modified as required.